What benefits does man-made carpet have?

Carpets made of man- made fibres such as Polypropylene and Polyester are a popular choice for a variety of reasons – cleanability, durability, softness and appearance.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • What are the overall benefits of man-made carpet?
  • What are the benefits of Polypropylene carpet?
  • What are the benefits of Polyester carpet?


What are the benefits of man-made carpet?

Cleanability is often highlighted as one of the main advantages of man-made / synthetic fibre carpets. Basically the manufacturing of the fibre and the construction of the yarn doesn’t allow stains to penetrate so they can be more easily cleaned using appropriate solutions.

Synthetic fibres also have a great durability for use in high traffic areas and will hold their appearance well over a number of years. man made fibres also have durability in terms of fading and colour fastness.

Polypropylene carpet has been a very popular choice for families due to its appearance, cleanability and value. 


What are the benefits of Polypropylene carpet?

The main benefits of synthetic polypropylene carpet are that it is stain-resistant, bleach cleanable and fade resistant. All polypropylene carpet is bleach cleanable and more hard-wearing and durable than other man-made carpet types such as Polyester. 

The synthetic, man-made materials in Polypropylene carpet make it well suited to homes with children and pets as it is stain-resistant; impenetrable to spoils and spillages. 

Finally, Polypropylene carpet is easy-clean in nature. Unlike Polyester,  Polypropylene can withstand bleach cleaning solutions and the use of harsh chemicals.

Polypropylene carpet is an attractive home carpet choice as it has an appearance similar to wool and wool blend carpet types but comes with the colour variety and practical benefits of synthetic carpet. 

Polypropylene is a very hard working fibre that has long lasting durability, great colour fastness and fantastic cleanability that has made it popular with families.


What are the benefits of Polyester carpet?

Polyester carpet has a long life when in low traffic areas of the home and is perhaps the closest carpet to natural carpet construction in terms of aesthetics and texture. 

Polyester is known as being a high-quality home carpet choice, close to wool and wool blend carpet construction but with the easy-clean, long-lasting benefits of synthetic and man-made carpet types. It is worth noting that Polyester carpet is long-lasting in areas of the home that have low levels of footfall as it is more susceptible to wearing and fraying than Polypropylene. 

Polyester fibre offers a wide range of twist pile constructions from ⅛” Twist Piles, to fine 1/10” gauge cut piles and velvets. The soft handle of polyester fibres also allow for deeper saxony pile carpets that are both luxurious and durable.

One of the most exciting advantages emerging is the ability to make polyester carpets from recycled PET – plastic bottles – which adds a fantastic sustainability message to these types of carpet ranges.

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