100% Nylon Carpet

With a reputation for durability, it’s not surprising 100% nylon carpet is a popular choice when it comes to carpet material. Its resiliency comes down to the elacisiticy of the fibres. No matter how heavy the foot traffic, nylon easily and quickly springs back to its original shape. It can also be revived with a steam cleaner after a few years of use, with a little heat and hydrogen bringing back that freshly-laid look in an instant.This makes it suitable for use in nearly every room of the home, from the living room and bedrooms to the hallway, landing, and stairs!

In addition, Nylon is resistant to environmental damage. As a synthetic material, moths have no interest, and there is no food source present for mildew to thrive on. Solution-dyed nylon adds a robust layer of protection from stains while locking in colour for years to come. It simply means the carpet has been dyed at an earlier part of the production process, making the colour far more permanent and preventing fibres from easily absorbing stains. Our range of resilient 100% nylon carpets come in a kaleidoscope of colours and all offer a velvety soft feeling underfoot. 

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