Velluto 100% Nylon Carpet

Go bold in your home with our statement shades of our Velluto deep pile carpet range. Coming in a variety of bright and bold primary colours as well as darker tones including browns, blacks, reds, and greens; our Velluto home carpet is made from 100% solution dyed nylon meaning your colour-rich carpet will not fade. 

A long-term home carpet choice, solution-dyed nylon carpet allows the colour to permanently stay in the fibre and is easy to clean without losing any colour in your carpet. 

Well-suited to busy homes with high footfall and high traffic areas, solution dyed nylon carpet is one of the most hard-wearing and durable carpet choices.  It is great for heavy domestic use and popular in homes with pets and children as it can retain its appearance over time. This range also comes with the choice of action backing and comfort backing, so you can pick the level of comfort and durability that’s right for your home.

Build a bright and bold paradise in your home with our luxurious, colourful Velluto carpet range that offers comfort and a bright splash of colour for every room of your special space.

Our Velluto carpet is moth proof, stain resistant, and bleach cleanable. Browse the range of 16 bright and bold Velluto carpets across two weight variations and bring your home to life! 

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Velluto Carpet Weights

Velluto Contrato Velluto Losso
Total Pile Weight 2250 g/m2  3170 g/m2
Total Pile Height 11mm 18mm
Tog 1.20 1.60


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