Yes, you sure can! You can order up to 3 free carpet samples directly from the Kingsmead website. When you’ve decided on a carpet and are ready to order, find a local retailer to purchase your carpet.

If you purchase a wool or wool blend carpet, you can choose to have your carpet covered by the Wool Owners Warranty. This includes a stain removal carpet cleaner as well as a paid option for cleaning aftercare by a professional, for peace of mind. For synthetic carpets, we offer a Wear & Stain Warranty.

The fibres of an Clean Easy carpet with a lifetime stain guarantee are designed especially to prevent food and drink stains and spills from penetrating, making your carpet almost impossible to stain and so much easier to clean. Our Clean Easy carpets can even be carefully hand cleaned using a 25% bleach solution.

Regular carpet care and routine maintenance is essential to maintain your warranty coverage. It is important that you give immediate attention to any accidental spillages using clean water and a proprietary carpet cleaner or if necessary a 25% bleach solution. Over time, normal foot traffic and general soiling of your carpet will cause a change in any carpets appearance.

Hot water extraction cleaning either alone or in combination with cleaning materials is required to maintain your warranty. This service must be performed by a professional carpet cleaning technician at least once every 18-24 months. Retain your receipts for proof of maintenance, which will be required should a warranty claim arise.

Kingsmead warrants that with proper care and maintenance, the pile of your carpet with the 10 year Wear Warranty will not wear by more than 10% by weight from normal foot traffic for the period of the warranty stated. Wear is defined as abrasive fibre loss and not changes in appearance. The warranty covers only abrasive wear resulting in loss of fibre. Wear or damage from tears, pulls, cuts, pilling, shredding, matting, crushing, burns, pets, improper cleaning, improper installation, or defective construction are specifically excluded.

Warranty conditions
  • Complaints will only be taken into consideration upon presentation of the original purchase invoice.
  • The carpet needs to be fitted in areas for which it is suitable.
  • The carpet needs to be installed by a qualified fitter on a solid floor and in the approved manner according to the guidelines laid down in BS 5325.
  • The carpet must be maintained professionally on a regular basis, using products and machinery of good quality. All sensible protection measures, such as doormats and similar, must be taken.
  • When claiming on the lifestime stain guarantee, claims must include a letter from a professional cleaner describing the spot and cleaning procedures used, with a statement that the spot could not be removed. Kingsmead Carpets may elect to have its cleaner re-service the spot. If this service removes the spot, the consumer shall pay for this service. If Kingsmead Carpets determines that a stain persists and that warranty conditions have been met, Kingsmead Carpets will compensate the owner for the original material cost of the carpet for the area directly affected, as well as the initial clean.
  • The warranty is only valid for a 1st quality carpet.
  • The guarantee does not apply to spots made intentionally or by negligence, nor to spots which appeared during the laying of the carpet, nor to spots caused by a fire, water damage or any similar event.
  • Similarly, spots which have appeared following an unsuitable use of chemical products, improper cleaning methods or the use of the carpet for a purpose for which it is not intended are not covered.
  • Nor does the guarantee apply in the event of deterioration due to normal wear and tear of the carpet – crushing of the fibres and/or shading.
  • If the carpet must be replaced, Kingsmead will deliver, to the exclusion of other demands, an equivalent carpet chosen from the Kingsmead range, for the defective surfaces. From the price of the faulty merchandise is deducted an amount equivalent to 1/15 for each complete year of use since the date of purchase.
  • The compensation for removal and re-laying is limited to £5/m2.
  • The costs incurred for moving the furniture while the new carpet is being laid are not covered by the guarantee.
  • If applicable, the surface to be replaced is limited to the room involved.
  • We expressly exclude all responsibility for any other direct or indirect damage.
  • In the event of disagreement, an independent expert will be appointed to inspect the carpet onsite.

Statutory rights are not affected. To receive a warranty certificate for the product you have purchased please complete the enquiry form on the contact us page and provide us with the following information:

  • Your name, address & postcode and contact details.
  • Product details and order number.
  • Retailer you purchased from.
  • Date of purchase and date of installation.
Please ensure you enter a valid email address as the warranty certificate will be sent to you via email.

Unfortunately not. You can order up to 3 free samples directly from Kingsmead but if you decide you want to purchase a carpet for your home, you can buy directly from our selected local retailers.

You can buy a Kingsmead carpet from selected local retailers in the UK and Ireland. Find your local retailer here.

If you have a complaint about how the carpet has been fitted, you should contact the retailer you purchased from, rather than Kingsmead, if they were responsible for organising the fitting.

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Carpet & Flooring FAQs
Carpet & Flooring FAQs

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When you find a carpet you love, find a local retailer that stocks Kingsmead carpets, order your chosen carpet and they’ll usually be able to arrange a fitting for you too. Then you can sit back, relax and enjoy your new carpet for years to come.