Hardwearing Carpet

Do you have a hectic home or a busy business with a high footfall? Perhaps your current carpet looks tired and worn after just a few years of use? A high-quality hardwearing carpet could be the answer! Often used in areas of heavy foot traffic like the hall, landing and stairs, hardwearing carpet is resistant to wear and has a long lifespan. It’s not usually as soft underfoot as some other options, but it boasts a longevity that looks as fresh as the day it was laid for many years to come. 

Carpets made from wool are naturally hardwearing because of the strength and durability of the material. When it comes to construction, a loop pile carpet lasts longer than a cut pile because the fibres aren’t so easily flattened. However, you can still benefit from the cushioning of a cut pile if you opt for a twist or frieze style, where the yarns are tightly wound to increase durability. Here, we have curated a collection of hardwearing carpets in lots of different colours and materials, with options for every style of home or office. Many even come with a long-term warranty for additional peace of mind! 

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