Cleaneasy Carpet

Craving a carpet that’s easy to clean? Tired of scrubbing stains or paying through the nose for professional steam cleaning? A cleaneasy carpet could be for you! 100% life-proof and perfect for those with little ones or pets, it can help you breathe easier when accidents do occur. Typically, cleaneasy carpets resist stains well and are bleach cleanable to boot. Some also come with a warranty against stains and wear, so you really can sleep easy! They are usually made from polypropylene, which is a fantastic family-friendly fibre known for its ability to repel spills and liquids with ease. A bonus benefit of polypropylene is that it is super soft, meaning you don’t have to compromise on comfort when it comes to cleaneasy carpet. 

Opting for a cleaneasy carpet is the smart choice in areas where mishaps may occur, or where mud might be tracked in from outdoors. This includes everywhere from the hall, stairs, and utility, to the living room, dining room, and playroom. It also makes a fantastic choice for a new nursery or kid’s bedroom! Our versatile range has options in every colour and style, so you can find a cleaneasy carpet that’s easy on the eye, too. 

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