Bleach Cleanable Carpet

When it comes to choosing carpets, there’s a lot to think about. As well as the look, style and colour, you need to consider cleaning and functionality, especially if you have pets or a young family. If you know it won’t be long before your brand new carpet suffers from an accidental stain, the best option could be a bleach cleanable carpet. Choosing one of these can help you feel confident that your new carpet can be cleaned quickly and easily, no matter what life throws at it. Carpets come in a variety of materials, and only some of these are able to withstand the chemical potency of a tough cleaning solution. 

Polypropylene is an excellent family-friendly choice that can handle the stain-busting power of bleach. Meanwhile, you’ll want to avoid wool and natural fibres, which can even be dissolved by peroxide chemicals. Our range of bleach cleanable carpets is the perfect choice for any rooms where stains, marks, and mud are likely to occur, such as the hallway, living room, dining room and playroom. However, using it throughout your home is a fantastic way to ensure you can easily revive your carpet and remove tough stains, no matter where they crop up. 

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