Green Carpet

Make visitors green with envy with a nature-inspired shade! Surprisingly versatile, green carpet can be used throughout your home to make a statement while concealing accidental stains. From olive tones that work with modern, Mediterranean designs to soft hints of neutral sage, there’s a shade to suit every style of home. Go darker in the living room for a timeless look that transcends fleeting trends, or try something lighter to brighten up small spaces. Green carpet is a great choice for bedrooms, nurseries, halls, and landings alike. Designers often choose it to create an energising vibe that works harmoniously to bring the outdoors in. 

Our comprehensive range includes a variety of vibrant textures and blends, allowing you to select the style that’s right for your space. Check out a spring-inspired synthetic style that protects against stains and wear, perfect for heavy footfall homes. Alternatively, opt for an earthy-textured teal blend that works well in country-style homes. Whatever you choose, you can be sure to find a high-quality wool, polypropylene or nylon carpet that stands up to wear and tear. Not sure which green shade to select? Order samples to find the perfect hue for you. 

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