Warranty Carpet

Want a carpet that’s guaranteed to go the distance? Why not opt for one with a warranty! This ensures you can rest easy knowing you’re covered in case of unexpected wear, stains or fading. New carpets can be an investment, so you may also want to ensure that yours is going to continue to add value when you come to sell your home. Choosing a warranty carpet is a great way to guarantee you have picked a high-quality product. However, it’s important to note that not all warranties are created equal. Most protect against wear caused by fibre deterioration, but only in cases where regular care and maintenance are upheld. The type of warranty you can get usually depends on the material you choose and the carpet manufacturer. 

With participating manufacturers, our range of wool and wool-rich carpets can be covered by the Wool Owners Warranty, which includes stain removal carpet cleaner as well as a paid option for cleaning aftercare by a professional, for peace of mind. Combining both maintenance and quality assurance, this is a fantastic option for keeping your natural carpet flawless for many years to come. Here we have compiled all of our carpets that come with a warranty, whether you’re looking for wear-proof wool or stain-proof synthetic. 

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