Purple Carpet

Make yourself a little purple patch with a unique choice of colour for your floors! Purple carpet can be as vivid as violet, or as light as lilac, so it’s surprisingly versatile too. The colour is thought to create a relaxing, warm environment in the home, making it the ideal choice for your bedroom. Just like real lavender, the colour purple can even help you sleep! You could also try adding a pop of purple to your hallway, to impress guests with a style statement the moment they walk through the door. The bright hue is sure to brighten up any dark or small spaces. 

Of course, purple is always popular in the kid’s bedrooms, where it can be used to complement any funky theme or scheme. It’s certainly a gorgeous choice for a little girl’s nursery!  We also love pairing rich royal mulberry tones with light grey and forest green, for a grown-up bedroom scheme that helps you feel all warm and fuzzy. Meanwhile, lighter lilac shades add a subtle lick of colour without dominating the design, perfect for brightening up underused spaces. Why not add a dash of vibrant violet to your home today with our versatile range of carpets!

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