Moth Resistant Carpet

Have you ever had a run-in with carpet moths? These crafty little critters are drawn to natural fibres, quite literally like moths to a flame! In fact, if they had to choose, they’d probably pick your tasty wool carpet any day! At just over a millimetre in size, they are practically invisible to the naked eye. They feed on the animal protein found in natural fibres which can cause irrevocable damage to your precious carpets, which also provide the perfect dark, cosy spot for them to lay their eggs. 

The solution? A moth resistant carpet! Usually made from synthetic materials such as polypropylene or nylon, these carpets cannot be ingested by moths and therefore pose no interest to the little pests. If you are desperate for the warmth, texture and insulation offered by wool, you can also opt for a mixed wool blend. These carpets benefit from the addition of some synthetic fibres which tend to repel moths. Meanwhile, some carpets are also chemically treated to help protect against these creepy carpet eaters. Here we have singled out the best moth resistant carpets for those who want to avoid problems with pests at all costs!

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