Which carpets are best for children?


There’s no avoiding the fact that kids are messy. From spilling food and knocking over drinks to muddy shoes and messy play, it is inevitable that your carpets are going to get dirty. So, you need a family-friendly carpet for kids that’s durable, easy to clean but still looks great in your home. But where do you start?

With such a wide range of carpets to choose from, it can be tricky to pinpoint which is going to be best for you. So, we’ve looked at colour, material and cleanability to help you find the best carpets for children. In this guide we’ll cover:

  • Choosing the right colour
  • Different types of carpet fibres
  • It should be easy to clean

Choosing the right colour

The carpet colour you choose for your child’s bedroom, or throughout the home, can really change the whole feel of the space. But, there are some important things for you to consider. Do you want something that hides stains and is easy to clean? Would you prefer something fun and playful that the kids will love? Or, are you all about creating a light fresh look?

We’ve listed the pros and cons of different coloured carpets below to help you decide, but the best-coloured carpet for you will ultimately come down to personal taste.


Light coloured carpets can really brighten up a room and create a fresh, airy feel while neutral tones make it easier to pair with most interior styles and colours.


  • Neutral colours can complement most interiors
  • Can make rooms feel bigger
  • Feels fresh and bright


  • Stains show up more than on darker carpets
  • Dirt is more visible


Bright carpets can make a room feel vibrant, lively and full of fun. Make a statement with bright coloured carpets and style your kid’s bedroom around their favourite colour.



  • Playful and fun
  • Creates a bright, colourful atmosphere


  • Can date quickly as children get older
  • Not as easy to change the colour scheme of a room


Give the room a super cosy feel with a dark carpet or use statement colours to contrast against the interior. Not only are darker colours great for masking stains, spills and mess, but they can make the room feel safe and snuggly too.



  • Can hide dirt
  • Can make the room feel cosy


  • Room can feel too dark if there’s not much natural light
  • Can make the room feel smaller if it’s not paired with contrasting colours

Different types of carpet fibres

Different carpet fibres have different properties so it’s important to find the right carpet material to suit your needs. Living with kids, you’re going to want a fibre that’s durable and easy to clean, above all else. Polypropylene and synthetic carpets are a great option for homes with kids. Not only are they tough, durable and strong enough to cope with the heavy footfall that comes along with playing, but they have a lifetime stain warranty and are easy to clean too.


Polypropylene carpets are stain-resistant, water-resistant, resistant to fading and are also bleach cleanable. Not only that, but they are cost-effective too which makes them a great choice for homes with kids because you’re not splashing out on something expensive and luxurious in the first place if it does get a little worn or damaged over time.


Wool carpets can be an excellent choice for families. They tend to be robust, help regulate temperature and also work to remove pollutants from the air. They are also warm and comfortable which can make your home feel cosy.  Whilst you wouldn’t clean a wool carpet with a bleach solution, there are wool-specific cleaning products that are easily available.


Nylon carpets are resilient, don’t flatten easily and are also non-absorbent which makes stains and spills easier to clean as they shouldn’t soak in. They can be cleaned with a variety of home products but you should refer to the manufacturer’s notes for carpet cleaning recommendations. They are also more expensive than polypropylene carpets so they are less cost-effective.


Polyester fibres are a great choice for families and homes with children as they are durable and can be easily cleaned. They can be made with many constructions, such as loops, twists and other details due to the inherent quality of the fibre. Polyester carpets can be cleaned with household cleaning solutions, but you should always refer to manufacturers’ instructions for guidance around care and maintenance.

It should be easy to clean

If you live with small children, or are furnishing your child’s bedroom, having a carpet that is easy to clean is key. Kids are messy so their carpet will likely be prone to spills and stains. However, there are some great carpets available that are kid-friendly and, above all, easy to clean.

Your best choice will be a stain-resistant carpet that is also bleach cleanable. This makes it super easy to get rid of those nasty stains and spills that are inevitable with a diluted bleach solution.

This makes polypropylene carpets perfect for kids’ bedrooms or rooms where children spend a lot of their time. Not only are they stain resistant, but they are also durable and easy to clean too. What more could you want?

Overall, you want a carpet that is durable, easy to clean and will stand the test of time in a home with young children. Ultimately, you should choose a carpet that suits your style and can meet the demands of a busy family home. Check out our range of easy to clean, stain-resistant carpets and find the most suitable child-friendly carpet for messy kids in your home.

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Which carpets are best for children?

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