The benefit of wool carpet with Perfect Home

Kingsmead Perfect Home is a carpet made entirely from Wool Britannia yarn. 100% British-made, the wool is sourced from farms across all four nations of the UK, helping local farmers and the planet alike. British wool is known for its toughness and springiness and is superior for creating high-quality carpets, making it the ideal choice for your home.

A Perfect Home carpet will flawlessly complement any space, whatever the style. Blending traditional and contemporary, this wool twist carpet represents the modern heritage trend and can transform living rooms, bedrooms and hallways. 

There are many benefits to choosing Perfect Home and wool carpets in general.

Wool Carpets Are Sustainable

A Perfect Home carpet is one of the most naturally sustainable and environmentally friendly home carpets you can have in your home. A wool carpet benefits from being biodegradable, natural, breathable and eco-friendly.

Not only is Perfect Home a sustainable choice due to the sourcing, dyeing, and construction methods used, but it is also beneficial for your indoor environment due to the natural air-purifying properties of wool carpet.

The air purifying properties of wool and wool blend carpet act like a home filter, trapping dust, spores, pollen and allergens in the carpet, preventing dust and irritants from being airborne in the home. 


Wool Carpets Are Stain Resistant

Perfect Home wool carpet is resistant to dirt and repels oil-based soiling, making it easier to keep clean. Ideal for family homes with young children and pets, the cleaning regime for Perfect Home is a straightforward process.

For accidental stains and spillages on a wool carpet, quickly scoop up solids from the carpet surface before they penetrate the carpet fibres, minimising the risk of stubborn stains. For spillages, blot the carpet with paper towels or a cloth to soak up excess liquid before it soaks into the carpet. Avoid rubbing the carpet pile during the stain removal process, as this will further embed stains into the carpet fibres.

Perfect Home wool carpet owners can also benefit from cleaning services, expert advice and cleaning products from the WoolSafe Organisation.

For additional peace of mind, when you choose a Perfect Home carpet, it comes with the availability of a Wool Owner’s Warranty (WOW), which provides professional aftercare and cleaning for owners of wool and wool-rich home carpets. The Wool Owner’s Warranty is available at an additional cost but does cover professional stain removal.  

Wool Carpets Are Hypo-allergenic

  • The natural fibres of Wool Britannia yarn filter the air and absorb VOCs, reducing fine airborne dust particles and allergens.
  • This makes Perfect Home wool carpet a natural hypo-allergenic carpet choice as it reduces fine airborne dust particles and allergens, helping filter the air, absorb VOCs, and improve the overall air quality of the home. This is beneficial for those suffering from dust allergies or respiratory health issues.
  • The construction of wool carpets helps prevent fibres from breaking away, entering the atmosphere and being inhaled to set off allergies or cause irritation. Perfect Home is a healthy and long-lasting choice for your family home.
  • The hypo-allergenic property of wool carpets improves air quality and reduces moisture in the carpet, which means dust mites cannot survive. Perfect Home is ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers, as dust mites cannot feed or survive in wool carpets.
  • The natural lanolin fibres within the 100% wool carpet trap air, making it a natural insulator. The fibres also trap dust, pollen, pet fur and skin, minimising the risks of airborne irritants in the home.
  • Perfect Home carpet is also easy to clean and maintain, which further helps prevent irritation or allergic reactions.

Wool Carpets Are Long-Lasting

Wool carpet is a long-lasting choice for the home when properly cleaned, maintained, and cared for. The natural springiness of the Perfect Home and the fibres of Wool Britannia yarn allows the carpet to ‘bounce back’ over prolonged use and can withstand matting and crushing. Perfect Home is suited to high footfall areas and is a great choice if you are looking for a durable carpet that stands the test of time.

Although man-made and synthetic carpet choices such as Nylon and Polypropylene, in particular, are good carpet choices for their hard-wearing and durable properties, wool carpet still benefits from being hard-wearing and long-lasting.

Sustainable, easy to clean, hypo-allergenic and durable, wool carpet is an ideal choice. Available in 20 incredible colours, Perfect Home brings a sense of familiarity and fashion to your home.  

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