Brussels Weave Carpet

Perfected by Flemish weavers, Brussels Weave carpet is made using a traditional style of construction dating back to the 18th century. It’s a version of a loop pile, which means the yarns are coiled around into the backing rather than sheared at the top. With a Brussels Weave, the loops are coiled extra tight, leading to a highly durable finish to last the ages. This leads to a unique vintage look, perfect for period properties, or introducing a sense of style and grandeur to more modern homes. 

Due to the time-honoured manufacturing process, Brussels Weave carpet is like a priceless antique, best reserved for spaces where you want to show off with a heritage style statement. However, due to the hardwearing nature of a Brussels Weave, you could technically use it in any room you choose! Expect it to last just as long as its own enduring construction technique. Take a look at our range to introduce rich, luxurious history into your home with a beautiful Brussels Weave carpet. 

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