Deep Pile Carpet

A deep pile carpet is ideal when you need something you can really sink your feet into. As the name suggests, deep pile carpet is made using long, luxurious fibres which add to the plush look and texture. All that additional cushioning underfoot is ideal for cosy rooms such as the bedrooms and living room. It certainly makes getting out of bed that little bit easier, with a warm, sumptuous welcome waiting for your feet. The longer pile can also bring added insulation, helping draughty rooms feel more snug. It can even aid with soundproofing your home, creating a tranquil oasis free from heavy footsteps. 

You can find deep pile carpets made from wool, but to really get the most out of it, synthetic is the way to go. Modern man-made fibres have been finessed over the years to bring an irresistible level of silky softness, and also benefit from being more practical and cost-efficient. When it comes to design, deep pile is an ever-popular choice for modern and traditional homes alike. If you’re a fan of that ‘just-vacuumed look, you’re in luck! Deep pile carpets bring two-tone visual appeal because the longer fibres reflect more light.  Our deep pile carpets come in a range of colours and materials to give you that snuggly, sinking feeling no matter what kind of style you’re looking to create. 

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