Loop Pile Carpet

Unlike its cut pile cousin, loop pile carpet is looped into the backing and then slit to create single tufts. Known for its strength and durability, loop pile is the style to look for if you have heavy footfall throughout your home. It comes in lots of different pile lengths, which generally dictate how soft it feels underfoot. The longer the loops, the more luxurious the feel. Meanwhile, shorter loops are better for high traffic areas such as the hallways and stairs. If you prefer a uniform look, loop pile is known for its ability to hide footprints and vacuum lines – unlike cut pile which tends to reflect more light. 

Durable and dirt-resistant, loop pile carpet is also easy to clean, making it a great option for those with kids. In terms of the look, you can find lots of different weaves to bring texture to your home, such as an earthy, knotted Berber style, or an elegant Brussels Weave. Loop pile also comes in simple, unfussy styles perfect for the office or other spaces where you want your carpet to blend into the background. We have all sorts of loop pile carpets in every style, helping you select the one that’s most suitable for you. 

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