Twist Pile Carpet

Twist pile carpet refers to a specific style of construction that adds toughness along with visual appeal. The word twist is used because the yarns are usually wound together tightly, crafting a highly durable carpet that is easy to maintain over the years. There are many carpets that are technically made with twisted yarns, but in the industry, a twist carpet generally refers to one that has more turns per inch, making it more likely to withstand wear. Suitable for high traffic areas of the home, it’s a smart choice for your hallway, landing or stairs. However, twist carpet can also work in any area where you are worried about footprints and wear. 

During the construction of a twist carpet (sometimes known as a frieze), each tuft is tightly wound and then sheared to enhance softness underfoot. This makes it a versatile choice for spaces where you need something that is both comfortable yet wear-resistant, such as the kid’s bedrooms. Manufactured on a heavy-duty machine, this type of material can be made with solid colours or multi-toned, depending on the look you’re going for. Our selection includes a range of different shades to choose from, from classic cream to letterbox red. 

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