100% Polypropylene Carpet

Combining excellent stain resistance with a luxuriously soft feeling underfoot, 100% polypropylene carpet is the superstar of synthetic materials. These robust man-made fibres can easily resist accidental spills, and can even be cleaned with bleach solution if required! This makes it a fantastic choice for families with young children or pets. Try it in the bedrooms, where sinking your feet into the cushiony soft material can really get you in the mood for sleep! It also helps to add supersoft comfort underfoot in the living room or create a luxurious cosy atmosphere in the dining room, where stains are unavoidable. 

Excellent value for money, 100% polypropylene carpet is a fantastic choice for bringing a fresh look to large areas of the home. As a man-made fibre, there is also zero chance of a moth infestation. If all that wasn’t enough, Polypropylene can last a long time in your home, able to resist water, mould and fading over long periods of time. It’s non-porous, which simply means it doesn’t absorb smells and stains. In other words, it will stay looking fresh and smelling clean for many years to come! Our range of resilient polypropylene carpets comes in a huge assortment of colours, so you can easily find one to suit your style!

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