80% Wool 20% Polypropylene Carpet

While 100% wool is popular for its all-natural properties, blending this fantastic material with a little polypropylene is sometimes the smarter choice. Tough, durable, and hardwearing, this mix offers the ultimate in strength and durability. Perfect for use in areas that are likely to get a lot of wear, including the hall, landing and stairs, you’ll find this warm, insulating blend also works well to create a cosy vibe in your bedroom or living room. 


80% wool, 20% polypropylene carpets also have additional benefits in the durability department. Much like a full-wool construction, the carpet pile naturally repels dirt, keeping it on the surface for easy cleaning. Resilient and breathable, wool also has the ability to clean the air and regulate humidity in your space. Popular in homes where form is equally as important as function, this mixed material is both pretty and practical, with a good deal of cushioning underfoot. Our exclusive range contains all the latest stylish shades and neutral hues, perfect for updating your home with a long-lasting flooring solution. 

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