80% Wool, 20% Synthetic Carpet

80% wool, 20% synthetic carpet is the perfect choice when you need a versatile yet stylish solution for your indoor space. With all the hardwearing benefits of wool, it can be used in any area of the home. This makes it the perfect choice when you want to create a cohesive look with the same carpets throughout! With a high level of durability and resilience, this unique blend stands up to heavy foot traffic with ease. What’s more, the natural-synthetic mix is incredibly easy to keep clean and can resist the accidental spills of everyday family life. 

Just like 100% wool carpet, this blend is well resistant to dirt tracked in from the outdoors. From plain to patterned, simple to striped, this popular wool blend is available in every aesthetic, making it easy to select the style that best suits your space. Whether you need a bright beige to make your bedroom appear larger, a seashell pink for your baby’s nursery, or a dark green hue to hide dirt in the hallway, you’ll find it all right here.  

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