Kaleidoscope Wool Loop Carpet

A kaleidoscope is a vibrant display of a bright burst of colourful patterns – and that’s exactly what our Kaleidoscope carpet range is too! With a natural springiness, excellent resilience and unique comfort, this range includes a plethora of colours and is ideal for heavy domestic use. From plain beige and brown block colours to vibrant statement stripes, this range can complement both neutral and bold interiors or make an eye-catching statement in your home. 

The Kaleidoscope wool loop carpet range can withstand heavy foot traffic in some of the busiest areas of your home including dining rooms, living rooms, stairs and even bedrooms. With striped and plain styles to choose from, they can be paired together to create a kaleidoscope of colour throughout your home.

Our Kaleidoscope carpet range has a 100% wool loop composition. The wool is naturally soft and resilient and the loop pile design adds texture and durability so it can withstand daily footfall. Wool is also a natural insulator because it traps air within its fibres, which is perfect for inside your home as it can help to regulate temperature and reduce your household carbon emissions. Hardwearing and moth resistant, it has an Action Back backing, a total height of 8.5mm, a tog of 1 and can be purchased in 4m widths.

Put your home on display with a Kaleidoscope carpet that has a vibrant mix of eye catching colours. It can be used with underfloor heating to make your home extra warm and cosy. Our Kaleidoscope wool loop carpet range can be covered by the Wool Owners Warranty which includes stain removal carpet cleaner as well as a paid option for cleaning aftercare by a professional.

Browse the range of Kaleidoscope carpets now and find the perfect shade to brighten up your home.

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