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That Friday Feeling
That Friday Feeling!

Looking for a way to get in your Friday Feeling on this frosty Friday.

Take a look at our Velluto carpet range — a beautiful collection that's ideal for any family, in any home. Oh, by the way, you can also request FREE samples to be delivered straight to your front door.

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In our previous mini blogs, looking at the abilities of a wool carpet, we talked about these abilities; Bouncebackability, Cleanability, Sustainability and Inflammability.

You would imagine that such a quality carpet would cost the proverbial arm and a leg. But no! Actually, it has the most important ability of all “Affordability”.

Check out your nearest wool carpet specialist by visiting http://www.woolretailer.com and get a quote. You will be amazed by the value for money.

Be your search for a stair carpet, a lounge carpet, a striped carpet or a plain carpet, there will be something just right for you — and we’ve a wide variety of wool carpets to suit all your needs.

To find out more about wool carpets visit http://www.woolcarpetsnaturally.org


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Let me introduce you to the “abilities” of a wool carpet. How can an inanimate object have abilities, I hear you ask? Read on and learn!

When you sit at night with your feet up watching your favourite soap opera and sipping at a beverage of your choosing, if you have a quality, affordable wool carpet on the floor you can have confidence in its “inflammability”.

The complex composition of wool, based upon its cell structure, combined with its high water and nitrogen content make wool naturally flame retardant. It does not light well and will often self extinguish.

In the event that it does burn it produces less smoke and toxic fumes during combustion than synthetic fibres, making it the safer choice.

To find out more about wool carpets visit http://www.woolcarpetsnaturally.org


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